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To schedule library instruction, contact Janet Eckert, Reference, Systems, Instruction Librarian (413) 774-1515

We live in a time when the amount of information available to us is multiplying rapidly and information is available in a variety of formats, including electronically.

Learning how to choose an appropriate resource for the topic, to utilize a variety of resources to retrieve information, and to evaluate the information found are necessary life skills in the "information age". To acquire these skills is to become "information literate".

Because librarians are committed to teaching these important skills, they work with students individually and in groups to improve their research skills.


  • teach effective search strategies for the catalog, research databases, and the Internet.
  • assist library users with choosing or narrowing a topic, locating background information, and citing their sources.
  • teach students to evaluate information critically and competently.
  • work with faculty to create assignments that will assist students with acquiring important searching skills.